Black Forest Pyramids

I am a serial waster. Or rather, I used to be, before I knew what to do with all those leftover ingredients in the fridge. Being a “just in case” person, I always buy more ingredients than I need and make way more than I need for one recipe. I attribute this slight OCD-ness to my irrational fear of screwing up and always thinking of the worst case scenario. You know that person who finds one tiny thing wrong with themselves and then thinks they could have cancer? Yep, that’s me. Sometimes this kind of thinking pays off, when things…

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Dark Chocolate and Orange Petits Gateaux

Chocolate Orange Petit Gateaux

Chocolate and orange are soulmates. They were destined to be together. As remarkable as chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is by itself, when paired with orange, its best qualities are brought out, the cocoa flavours are deeper and more complex, and the orange adds a tangy sweetness that balances out the slight bitterness of cocoa. I’ll admit, when people tell me they don’t like chocolate and orange I look at them funny and secretly think what’s wrong with you! But you know what, I think if you’ve never been a fan of chocolate and orange, that maybe you just haven’t had…

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