Chocolate, Coffee, and Salted Caramel Swiss Roll


You know those ultra fluffy and delicious swiss rolls from Asian bakeries? How good are they! I love the simplicity of it, it’s essentially 2 components but they do it so well. I have to say besides the usual flavours like coffee, chocolate, matcha, and even taro, one of my favourite flavours is pork floss, where you have a plain sponge with shallots, and it’s filled with a sweet mayonnaise and pork floss (that’s sweet, salty, and meaty all at the same time). The best thing is how versatile they are. Once you have a master swiss roll cake recipe, you can make any…

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Key Lime Pie with Dulce De Leche

When I tasted my first Andy Bowdy pie at the Sydney Flour Market about a year and a half ago, my view of desserts changed forever. Gone were the days I thought desserts were just sweet. I’ve now come to appreciate that a great dessert has multi-dimensionality of flavour – it’s sweet, but also sour, salty and/or bitter. The best desserts are not just the ones that taste good and leaves you wanting more, but it’s ones that surprises you, lets you taste flavours you weren’t expecting, and leaves you curious. This key lime pie was exactly that. A deceptively humble looking pie, just a key…

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