Chocolate, Coffee, and Salted Caramel Swiss Roll


You know those ultra fluffy and delicious swiss rolls from Asian bakeries? How good are they! I love the simplicity of it, it’s essentially 2 components but they do it so well. I have to say besides the usual flavours like coffee, chocolate, matcha, and even taro, one of my favourite flavours is pork floss, where you have a plain sponge with shallots, and it’s filled with a sweet mayonnaise and pork floss (that’s sweet, salty, and meaty all at the same time). The best thing is how versatile they are. Once you have a master swiss roll cake recipe, you can make any…

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Apple Pie Petit Gateau

The infrequency of my posts annoy me. When I started this blog I had envisioned a post almost fortnightly, but like other well intentioned goals, this didn’t happen. I’m almost two months in to my new job and I’ve come to a realisation that my time management skills are not as impressive as I once thought. I keep telling myself that I’ll post this weekend, but instead of writing a post I end up scrambling to finish work I should have completed throughout the week. I even used commitment bias on myself – by telling you all on Instagram that a recipe was…

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Peanut, Caramel, and Chocolate Chouxs

My favourite recipes are the ones that give you maximum return for minimum effort. For me, it’s quick mix brownies that satisfy that chocolate craving, one bowl cake batters that yield moist and tender crumbs, and it’s choux pastry with its endless possibilities. I love making chouxs because they’re so incredibly versatile. You can shape them into whatever you want (buns, eclairs, paris brest, and even swans if you’re game) and you can fill and decorate them with pretty much anything. It can be as simple as filling them with different flavours of whipped cream, or a beautiful vanilla creme patissiere, lemon curd, mousses, or my…

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